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"Do everything without complaining or arguing..."


The heat has for many been oppressive - has it not?  Seems we get a day of relief and then WHAM it comes again! For those with air conditioning - wow, so very nice.  For those who may be without air - I cannot imagine what that would be like!!

What would you do if you had no air?  What are you doing if you have no air? 

One of the hardest things to live out in Scripture is where Paul tells the Philippian church and us to "Do everything without complaining or arguing so that you may be blameless and pure... (Philippians 2:14-15a)

WOW - it would be very easy to complain that it is too hot - and it would most assuredly make people short with each other and possibly cause arguments.

So what do we do - that we may be considered blameless and pure before the Lord?  We must find ways to share that it is hard to deal with what we are dealing with, yet do it in a way that is positive and even finding a solution to the problem.  

So next time you catch yourself complaining - stop and think about what you are saying and start being positive about your situation and see through the lens of Christ in your life how you can make this an opportunity to Give Him the Glory!!

Love to you all!!

Learning Everyday in Christ

Pastor Tab

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