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Ain't Got No Rhythm?


"There was evening and there was morning." Genesis 1



Sometimes I just feel out of sync with everything. The world is break-dancing and I'm ballroom; the world is doing a two-step and I'm walking in a circle.


The same is true with my Lord. Sometimes I look around and wonder where his footprints went; I thought I was in step with him but now I'm looking at a mess of scuff marks on the ground. How can I get back in spiritual and physical rhythm with Him?


Modern thinking says that our day begins with sun up and ends with sun down. The Biblical way of thinking is that a day begins with evening and continues with the morning. Anytime I go with the world's thinking I'm in a heap of trouble, but how does the Biblical rhythm of a day help me?


If I think of my day beginning with sleep, that puts me in a position of resting while God is working. For the first third of my day, God is preparing everything for the next two-thirds of the day that I will be awake and active. That makes each day almost like Easter morning where mom and dad hide the eggs, make the pancakes, and set out clean church clothes so that when the children awake, all is ready for them to participate and enjoy.


After I rest, my day continues with prayer. I wake up and come to God asking if I may, and in what way I may, participate in His plans for the day. I know that this day is the day the Lord has made and I rejoice in it because my loving Father has already done great things for me - while I was asleep.


My day ends where God's day begins. I thank God for preparing me for sleep after doing his good work and I rest in peace easily trusting the King of the universe to watch over me. This is God's rhythm and I follow his lead!

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Asking God how to participate in His plans. Makes it about “Him”

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