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Be Like Jesus: Unplug


Have you ever done this?  The other day I went to my computer to look up one thing and then three hours later realize that I got a little distracted by Facebook and I hadn’t moved from my computer that whole time.  It’s a little scary to think about how many times that (or something similar) has happened to me. 

How many hours a day are we hunched over a computer or with our hand around our phone, checking and sending email and reacting to alerts?  Someone once estimated that the average person spends more time on their mobile device than they do sleeping and more time checking emails than having breakfast!

Every now and then, I feel the need to “unplug” from the internet.  We’re living in a time when we are connected 24:7.  We use Facebook, Twitter, email and texting to communicate and stay connected with all our friends and family.  It’s wonderful to stay connected and it’s wonderful that it’s now so easy to stay connected -- but it’s also tiring and can become overwhelming.

I recently heard that there is a National Day of Unplugging in early March and the idea sounds good to me.  (However, sometimes I think it’s better to start small and just try unplugging for a couple hours and then work up to a whole day or weekend.) 

A little time away from the computer, internet, email, Facebook, Twitter and such -- and powering down our devices -- can have a positive affect on our overall well-being and can give our eyes and our brains a break (not to mention our whole body).  It’s an important way to take care of ourselves.  When we’re connected 24:7, we put our brains through the equivalent of a hard physical workout each day.  We never give our minds a chance to truly rest.  Whether it’s for a couple hours or a whole weekend, instead of plugging in, spend some alone time, read a good book (especially THE Good Book!), pray, take a walk, take a nap, or write a hand-written note or letter! 

Jesus knows that we are not made to keep going and going and going non-stop.  In fact, Jesus, too, “unplugged” – and then plugged-in with His (our) heavenly Father.  (Luke 5:15-16)   And that’s the best reason of all to “unplug” for a while. 


Thank you, Jane! : )
You did it again, Becky. Hit the nail right on the head. Amen!

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