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Bless Someone Today With Your Words


I remember hearing the following story:  Arthur Gordon was cleaning out the family home when he came across something he found to be of great value.  It was a trunk full of family letters.  They chronicled the events of past generations in expressions of loyalty and affection and delight that were rarely verbalized in his immediate family.

One writer said, “Have I told you lately what a wonderful person you are? Never forget how much your friends and family love and admire you.” Another letter said, “You don’t know how much your visit meant to us! When you left, I felt as if the sun had stopped shining.”  Gordon said, “I don’t know what generation of my family put a check on the release of such emotions.  But I do know that it seriously interferes with one of the deepest of all human needs—the desire for acceptance and approval. Why, then, wanting to hear those words so much ourselves, do we deny them so often to others?”

Sometimes it does boggle my mind when I think about it -- negative words seem to come out of our mouths so easily but the positive ones that we think of go unsaid.  That’s sad. 

I can’t help but think of Proverbs 16:24:  ”Pleasant words are a honeycomb; sweet to the soul and healing to the bones”.  Read that verse again!  Pleasant words sure have a lot of power and they don’t cost anything! 

Let’s try it more often.  Let’s open our mouths and say the positive things we’re thinking. Bless someone today with your words. Use your words to bring healing and sweetness. We could all use more of that.


Dear Jean, Thank you for, once again, sharing your positive and pleasant words with me. God bless! : )
You are always in tune to what God wants for his people. Thank you for that. I have that verse from Proverbs hanging on my kitchen wall, thanks to my Mother who embroidered it for me. I also like Ephesians 4:29. I want my words to minister grace to the hearers.

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