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God With Us


Even though it’s not Thanksgiving yet, it is now one month until Christmas. The carols are already pouring out of store speakers. There have been years when I avoided stores at this time of year. Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean everything is merry. I know you know this, too. I know that there are many who have a heavy heart at this time of year. Maybe it’s all those twinkling Christmas lights and happy jingling sleigh bells that make our problems seem bigger and our grief heavier. 

In this season, when my heart sometimes feels weary and when I can become overwhelmed by how hard these pre-Christmas Advent days can be, I’ve learned to remember who God is.  Emmanuel. God with us.

He is coming – yes.  But, even more than that, He is here. He dwells among us right now.  You are not alone.  He has not forgotten you.  He is right there beside you.  You can lean on Him.  May that knowledge give you comfort and joy during this season.  Feel the presence of Emmanuel, God with us.

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