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When you look at someone’s hands, can you tell what they do for a living?  

A mechanic’s hands usually have dirt and grime on them - stained from years of service to people and their vehicles.

A painter’s hands usually have glimpses of paint of various colors on and in their fingernails (that you are pretty sure is not fingernail polish!) It is a testimony to the service they do for people in making things look fresh, new, and beautiful.

A surgeon’s hands are so clean - almost like they have fresh skin on them - again serving people in their health and wellness.

Christ’s hands - bloodied, worn, used - in service to people for healing and salvation.

What about your hands?  Not in what you do for a living but, more so, in service to people for the Kingdom of God, reaching the lost, feeding the poor, taking care of orphans, the essence of you living for Jesus - that when people see your hands - they see Jesus!

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