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Just Do It.

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"That you may stand mature and fully assured in all the will of God." Colossians 4.12

Is it my Duty or my Delight?

Do I do it because I have to?

Do I do it because there is no better part of my day?

When I do it, do I do it to get from God or to get God?

It is recommended, even commanded, to do it - there's lots on it in the Bible - if when I do it I am giving up all hope control instead of hoping to get it back.

It's okay to do it on a set schedule, with a set posture - there's lots on that in the Bible too - if when I do it I long to do it with my greatest love instead of doing it because I have a long list of things I love.

If I believe I am doing it "right" I must stop and seriously reflect. Do I rush to my quiet space because I've gone too long without doing it? Am I flush with desire to have my dark corners lit, and cleansed, when I do it? Is there a desperation rising out of my soul to do it longer and longer? If I've answered yes to these questions then I am following him well. If not, I can see the goal ahead of me. And the achievement of the goal begins with one simple habit: doing it.

I must remember that I do not do it to be happy. I do it to be brought into the happiness of God. It is a delight because in it I am delighted by God. And what was once a duty becomes an urgency because in it and through it I know and I am known by God.

So I have one question for you - are you doing it?


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Thank you for this. I cannot go about my day without first spending time with my Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I talk and listen. (I believe that is called true prayer.) When I give my day totally to Him, it is so easy to hear His voice throughout the day, and He speaks to me often, guiding me through each hour. The Holy Spirit is my Comforter, my Counselor, my Advocate and my Helper. I cannot "do life" without them. I appreciate your always pointing us in the right direction. You truly have a heart after God!

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