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Memories of Vacation Bible School


When someone says the words, “Bible School”, I’m immediately transported back maybe 50 years to when I was a girl. 

There wasn’t a summer in my childhood when my church didn’t have Vacation Bible School.  In fact, my church held Bible School for TWO WEEKS in the Summer when I was a girl!  I always looked forward to it.  What’s not to love about friends, crafts, songs, Bible stories, games, cookies and Kool-Aid!?

Do you have special Vacation Bible School memories?  For me, friends were a big part of Vacation Bible School.  My two best friends went with me to Vacation Bible School.  One of them belonged to my church and the other one did not but she went with me because I invited her.  She recently caused my heart to melt when she posted on Facebook that Bible School was the best thing about Summer when she was a girl.  She wrote to me, “You made my Summers by asking me to go to Bible School with you.” 

Once I was too old to attend Vacation Bible School, I volunteered to be a helper and then, eventually, a teacher because I just couldn’t imagine a Summer without Vacation Bible School in it.  After I started working at my church full time, I no longer taught Vacation Bible School but, because it took place on weekday mornings, I got to see all of the children and hear all of the music as both filled the hallways of my church.  And, during snack time, someone always brought cookies and Kool-Aid to my office.  Yay!

Did you know that VBS goes all the way back to the 1890s?  It was in the 1920s when Christian publishing companies created specific curriculum for VBS.  In the 1960s and 1970s, most Vacation Bible Schools focused on Bible verse memorization.  By the 1990s, VBS curriculum had children rotating through “stations”.  No matter the curriculum or the structure, Vacation Bible Schools take a whole bunch of planning and lots of volunteer help to accomplish and to do it well.  But it’s worth it because what other week (or other big chunk of time) do churches have to reach out and teach the children in their community about the love of our awesome God?

If you have children or grandchildren attending our Vacation Bible in August, (you can find information and sign up here) encourage them to invite their friends.  It just might be the “best thing” about this Summer to them!  (Matthew 19:13-15)

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