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No room?


“There was no room for them in the Inn” (Luke 2:7).  Those are frightening words.  But you and I must admit that often they are true of us – especially at Christmas.  We know that the reason for the season is Jesus and we say that we want to celebrate Him.  But we get busy with decorating, shopping, parties, baking, and school programs – and we try to add that to our normal schedule that is probably already too full!   And then it can happen: we have no room for Jesus.

It is important, though, to make room for Jesus at Christmas.  We manage to find time and make room to do all sorts of things during the holidays. We make room for company to come.  We make room by the big picture window for the Christmas tree so that the lights on the tree will show from the street.  We even make room in our busy schedule to go shopping for things we cannot really afford.

So, here is the challenge:  Don’t become so busy with your holiday schedule and your Christmas plans that you miss Jesus. If we make the time and room for Jesus, I know He will show up! Make sure worship is on your Christmas season agenda and plan time to be alone with Him, too.  (Psalm 46:10).  Stay in the Word of God this season and don’t neglect your prayer life.  Make room for Jesus.  He IS the reason for the season.

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