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One More V.B.S. Memory


I’ve always loved Vacation Bible School (VBS).  In fact, this is the second time that VBS is the subject of one of my blog posts.  (You can read my first one here.)   When I sat down to write, I thought of VBS but didn’t want to repeat myself so I re-read my first post in order to see if there was anything left to say.  The following sentence jumped out at me:  “When I was too old to attend Vacation Bible School, I volunteered to be a helper and then, eventually, a teacher because I just couldn’t imagine a Summer without Vacation Bible School in it.”   

VBS is important.  It impacts and touches lives – children’s lives, children’s families’ lives, children’s friends’ lives.  It’s probably the greatest annual evangelistic event of a church!  But it’s a lot of work and takes MANY volunteers.  VBS would never happen without volunteers like you and me.

I realize that when I was a young teenager and first volunteered to help at my church’s VBS, that I did it because I thought it would be fun – and it was! – and not because my church needed volunteers.  But I’m sure the VBS director didn’t care about my motives.  I had fun AND I helped.   Nothing wrong with that.

Being a Vacation Bible School helper for a couple weeks that one Summer a long time ago led me to decades of children’s ministry volunteering.  In the years after that, I taught Vacation Bible School, I helped in our Sunday School, I taught Sunday School, and I was a member of our church’s Youth Committee for many years, too.

So, VBS ended up being MORE than just “fun” for me.  It led me to the ministry area where I loved serving for many years.  

If you’ve ever wondered whether you’d enjoy helping with Children’s Ministry, VBS might be a good place to give it a try.  Prayerfully consider volunteering.  It’s a rather short-term commitment for you and it’s a huge help to us.  Plus, I think you’ll have “fun”.  :)

(Find 2019 VBS Information here.  Find 2019 VBS Volunteer Information here.)

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