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We, as parents, put our kids first, even grown kids. Our lives become dictated by our kids’ schedules --  taking kids to practice, games, or play dates. I just read a post on Facebook on how a mom got up at 5:00 am to drive her son 130 miles for a game.  It's obvious that we are involved and invested in our kids. Do we always have our priorities straight? Where does God fit into the picture?

It's so great seeing parents who are involved -- cheering their kids on from the side line. But, are we cheering them on for spiritual growth, as well? Are we making our daily schedules work so they can get their practice or play date in with God?

We all do our best to raise up kids and protect them, but we can't be there every second of every day. BUT, God is.   Shouldn't we make the time investment for our kids with God so that, when our kids are scared and we aren't there, they know that God is. Or, if they are feeling unloved because someone is bullying them, they know that God's there loving them with all His heart.  When our kids are faced with making a wrong or right choice, don't we want them to know that the guidance of the Holy Spirit's got their back?

 Can we shift our focus and put God first?  If we don't, who will?

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