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Some Gift-Giving Thoughts at Christmas


Trying to find gifts for certain people — or letting others know what you want — can be quite challenging, can’t it?  After all, most of us don’t need anything.

Do you stress about finding just the right gift for everyone on your Christmas list? Does it make the season more a hassle than a joy?

Realizing that the best gifts aren’t material items offers a new perspective on giving and receiving. Consider these insights from author Charles Swindoll:

“Some gifts you can give this Christmas are beyond monetary value: Mend a quarrel, dismiss suspicion, tell someone ‘I love you.’ Give something away — anonymously. Forgive someone who has treated you wrong. Turn away wrath with a soft answer. Visit someone in a nursing home. Apologize if you were wrong. Be especially kind to someone with whom you work. Give as God gave to you in Christ, without obligation, or announcement, or reservation, or hypocrisy.”

This is also a good time to remember that Christmas shouldn’t be about finding the perfect presents for people, as if it were their birthday — or ours. Christmas is His birthday, after all!  

The best way to celebrate the greatest gift to all of us is to gather and thank our loving Creator.   Remember, too, what the Lord of lords and King of kings wants for his birthday.  Truly, one of the greatest gifts you can give Jesus this season is the gift of you.

“Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!”  2 Corinthians 9:15

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