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Spring Cleaning


Every year, as soon as it would be nice enough outside to open our windows, Mom would, all of a sudden, decide that it was time for Spring cleaning.  This yearly event that took a week or more was one I looked forward to.  The whole house was Spring-cleaned, one room at a time. 

What I looked forward to the most was the announcement that my bedroom was next.  I loved the smell of my bedroom after it had been Spring-cleaned.  So fresh!  Spring-cleaning happened when I wasn’t around.  I suppose having the family out-of-the-way helped Mom.  :)   However, I can remember helping her with it once I got older.  

The walls, floors, baseboards, and windowsills were all washed and polished.  The curtains were washed and then dried on the clothesline in the back yard.  The bedspread, blankets, linens, and pillows were all washed and dried.  All of the bedroom furniture was cleaned and polished.  Windows were washed, too.   

Although Lent starts early this year, before Spring which is still three weeks away, it’s an appropriate time for another sort of "Spring cleaning".  In fact, Lent comes from old German and English words for “spring.” So, while it might be too soon to open windows or hang clothes on the clothesline, now is ideal for some spiritual Spring cleaning.

Lent calls us to examine our beliefs, confess and get rid of old grudges and selfish habits, dust off our Bibles for a new routine of study and prayer, air out our hearts and brighten up our attitudes. “Lent cleaning” lets the Holy Spirit freshen our faith.  Yes, that’s another sort of "Spring cleaning" to look forward to.

Happy Lent!  Happy Spring!


Thank you very much, Jane, for sharing that. How beautiful!
Thanks for the "fresh" reminder. Each morning, during my prayer time, I ask the Holy Spirit to fill me and flood me, and to be my comforter and counselor. I actually take in a big breath of fresh air, and, as I exhale, I give God any negative thoughts I may be having. I finish by repeating the Doxology out loud. As I go through my day, He keeps me aware of His presence throughout the day. I used to read the Word where it says, "Pray without ceasing." I wondered how that could be possible, and I have found that IT IS!

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