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When God says, "No."

tims blog

What do we do when God says, “No.” to us, when God turns us down flat, or even when God doesn’t seem to answer at all?

We rejoice!! 

No, really. No kidding. We put a smile on our face, we cheer, thankfulness and joy pour out of our hearts! 

How so? Two reasons.

  1. Because God heard us. Think about that. The God who runs the universe, keeps every molecule and man in check, rules history, moves nations into existence or ruin, took the time to listen to . . . you. Doesn’t that blow your mind? After all, would you listen to you whine and complain and struggle and wonder if you were busy reigning over all that exists? 
  2. Because God would not have said, “Yes.” unless it was good: good for you and good for everyone around you. Consider this scenario. Which one of us, if our child asks for a sandwich we put a rock on their plate instead? Or if our child asks for scrambled eggs we set a stinging scorpion in their hand? Not one of us, right? If we, who are sinners and fall short of God’s glory every day, know how to give good gifts to our children, how much more will our Father in heaven give only good things to those who ask him! 

But wait - we don’t know WHY God said, “No.” We don’t understand and so we are sad.

If we are struggling with the question ‘Why?’ then we are straying from faith. Faith isn’t faith if we know all the reasons why. Trust isn’t trust if we understand every one of God’s decisions. Faith and trust are precisely what our Father in heaven asks of us. He’s happy to listen to our every prayer but he’s not in the business of communicating all knowledge to us. This is the plan: We pray and trust; He listens and acts in the best way. 

The next time God says, “No.” to you, respond with “Awesome! I trust you!”

(Imagine if your children said the same to you!)

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