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This Month's Happenings

This Month's Happenings


This Summer's News:

Our families have been going strong despite us not being together.  As it is officially summer, we are going to take a break from our "normal" routine.  This summer we are encouraging all of our families (kids & adults) to look for "God Sightings" as they go about their days.  A sighting could be as simple as noticing something in God's beautiful creation.  Or having a friend help you out when you didn't even ask.  Please post your "God Sightings" to St. Paul's Children's Ministry Facebook page.  If you haven't joined, please email us at and we'll get you added.  If you willing to let us share your "God Sighting", please make sure you let us know.  We would love to share them (names can be kept anonymous).  These sightings are a great way for us all to remember that God is with us at all times. 

Another thing that we are doing this Summer is "Summer Bible Reading Bingo".  This bingo has different reading activities to do suach as:  Read for 15 minutes in your backyard or another outdoor area, Read a story and then re-tell the story in your own words to a grownup, Read a Bible story featuring a baby, Read A Bible story about Jesus.  Once a person has "Bingo", take a picture of it and post it on our St. Paul's Children's Ministry Facebook page and we will contact you for a prize.  Click here to download the "Summer Bible Reading Bingo".  We can't wait to hear the exciting stories that the kids will have from playing "Bingo"!  

Get ready to "BOLT".  Mark your calendars for August 4th - 6th (6:00 pm - 8:00 pm)!  "BOLT Towards Faith In Jesus" is our 3-day Vacation Bible School.  Watch for more information to come.