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Our History

Our History

St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church

In 1851, a small group of people, a mixture of Reformed and Lutheran backgrounds, formed the German Evangelical Protestant Church of Maumee City. In 1857, they purchased a lot and small building (a former print shop), on the north side of East Wayne Street between Conant and Gibbs. In the 1850's, the congregation was served by a lay minister, and then an itinerant pastor.

In 1859, the congregation turned to the new pastor of Zoar Lutheran Church in Perrysburg, and asked him to pastor them as well. He agreed to this, if they were willing to become a Lutheran Church. With much heated debate between those of Lutheran background and those of Reformed background, the decision was made. A constitution for "The First German Evangelical Lutheran St. Paul's Congregation in Maumee City and surrounding vicinity of Lucas County, Ohio" was accepted April 7, 1859. Debate continued over the Lutheran designation so that it was not until June 21, 1860 that the Constitution was recorded at the Lucas County Courthouse.

In 1868, after the death of noted citizen Isaac Hull, the church relocated its building to its present site on the south side of East Wayne Street. The Hulls negotiated this with the church as a trade of property. They desired continuous ownership of the entire north side of the block, and traded a larger lot across the street for the church's lot.

In 1936, the church re-organized to become a fully chartered church of the American Lutheran Church, and no longer a preaching station for Zoar Lutheran Church. June 2, 1936 the congregation was established as a mission congregation of the American Lutheran Church, and filed its Articles of Incorporation with the state of Ohio on March 22, 1939, as St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Growth of its mission and ministry enabled the church to expand its physical structure in 1941, 1951, and to build a larger, new sanctuary in 1959, being dedicated on July 17, 1960. On July 31,1980 the Hull property on the north side of East Wayne Street was purchased by the congregation and in 1984, with joint effort with the City of Maumee the property was constructed into a parking facility. The Weilbauer property at East Wayne and Gibbs Streets was purchased on October 31, 1980.

The members of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church have every reason to be proud of their efforts in the expansion and building of the new church, to the glory of God, for they have not only kept the faith, but shared it with others and will continue to do so until the Day of our Lord.